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    Class Type                                             Hours/Week                    Monthly Tuition

Recreational Classes                                       1 Hour                                     $58.00

Competitive Classes                                        1 Hour                                     $63.00

Aerial Silks Classes                                          1 Hour                                     $63.00

Tiny/Mini Team Competitive Cheer            1 1/2 Hours                            $85.oo


Tuition Discounts

We offer a discount for classes lasting more than one hour per week.  This discount is already built into the class tuition for our Competitive Teams Multi-Hour/Week Class Discounts:

        Class Type                                            Hours/Week                Monthly Tuition       

USAGT&T Competitive Tumbling                  2 Hours                            $110.00

Competitive Cheer- Prep Teams                   2 1/2 Hours                      $125.00   

Competitive Cheer- All Star                           4 Hours                             $180.00


We offer a Multi-Class Discount that will be applied to each student as follows:

1st Class per Student                               0% Discount

2nd Class per student                             15% Discount

3rd Class per student                              25% Discount

4th Class per student                              30% Discount 

5th Class per student                              40% Discount

Each additional Class per student        50% Discount 

(Since the multi-hour per week classes have already been discounted, the highest discounts will be applied to the lowest priced classes)


In addition to the above discounts, a Family Discount of 10% will be applied to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th+ students in the same family, residing in the same household. 

Our Referral Program allows you to have the opportunity to earn some awesome rewards just for referring your friends! If you refer a friend, have them sign up and pay for a recreational class, competitive team, private lessons, or a birthday party,  you will receive a $10 rewards credit towards your next month’s tuition. (Non-redeemable for cash.)

There is an annual Registration Fee of $50 for first student and $30 for each additional student in the same family.

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8144 Monticello Terrace, Shawnee, KS, 66227