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Class Requirements

All levels listed below are general guidelines to follow. If you are not sure what level your child should be in, please contact the office. We would be more than happy to assist you in any way possible!

If your child is placed in a class that is not the right fit, please speak with his/her instructor or the office so that we can find a better placement for them!


Dance Levels (Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap)

Beginning: No Previous Experience

Level 1: 1-2 Years of Experience

Level 2: 2-3 Years of Experience

Level 3: 3-4 Years of Experience

Level 4: 5+ Years of Experience


Beginning & Level 1: Beginning

Level 2 & Level 3: Intermediate

Level 4: Advanced



Combination Class Levels

Beginning: No Previous Experience

Level 1: 1 Year of Experience


Tumbling Levels

Beginning- No Previous Experience

Level 1:

  1. Summersault and Stand Up Without Using Hands
  2. Push Up to Backbend and Hold for 15 Seconds (No Head Touching Ground)
  3. Cartwheel and Land on Feet 
  4. Backwards Handstand Against Wall for 15 Seconds
  5. Backwards Over Roller, Land on Feet Without Touching Head

Level 2:

  1. Cartwheel with Correct Technique
  2. One-Hand Cartwheel
  3. Hold Backbend for 30 Seconds
  4. Backward Handstand Against Wall for 30 Seconds, Roll Out with No Hands
  5. Pike Forward Roll, Straddle Roll
  6. Back Pike Roll Down Cheese, Landing on Feet
  7. Kick Up to Wall and Hold for 15 Seconds


Level 3:

  1. Running Round-Off Rebound
  2. Kick Up to Handstand Against Wall and Hold for 30 seconds- (3X in a row)
  3. Kick to Handstand, Land in Backbend on Wedge
  4. Back Pike Roll on Flat Mat
  5. Fall into Backbend From Standing Position on Wedge


Level 4:

  1. Fall into Backbend From Standing Position and Pull Up on Wedge Mat
  2. Back-Handspring Over Roller Alone
  3. Power Hurdle Round-Off
  4. Handstand Forward Roll
  5. Back Extension Roll with Spot
  6. Handstand Backbend Kick-Over on Wedge Without Touching Head


Level 5:

  1. Fall into Backbend and Pull up on Flat Mat
  2. Handstand Backbend Kick-Over on Flat Mat
  3. Tick-Tock
  4. Back-Handspring with a Spot
  5. Handstand- Half Pirouette
  6. 10 Hand Walks


Level 6:

  1. Back extension Roll- No Spot
  2. Tuck, Straddle and Pike to Handstand
  3. Back Walkover
  4. Front Walkover
  5. Standing Back Handspring
  6. Ariel Cartwheel
  7. Handstand Full Pirouette
  8. Hand Walks Down the Mat


Level 7:

  1. Round-off Back-Handspring
  2. Round-off Series Back-Handsprings
  3. Front Handspring Step-Out Series


Level 8:

  1. Round off Back-Tuck
  2. Round off Back-Handspring Backflip
  3. Round off Multiples to Backflip
  4. Standing Back-Tuck


Level 9:

  1. Layout
  2. Whips
  3. Front Punch
  4. Standing Multiples to Back Tuck


Level 10:

  1. Twisting- Fulls & Up

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